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Cally  grew up in New England and is the youngest of three siblings.

She started dancing at the young age of three, and started teaching dance at age fourteen. Cally began studying in Boston, right out of high school, and decided to take a pass on a college degree. After falling in love with the pilates industry, Cally began taking barre classes and wanted to bring her own knowledge and experience to this new style of exercise.


She amped up her anatomy training, took courses up and down the East Coast, and started to write her own method. As she carried on instructing at multiple studios, she began to create a passion for helping women, especially expectant mothers. Cally continued her education, taught 20+ classes per week, and decided to go through Labor and Postpartum Doula training. During her training, Cally worked with moms before, during, and after pregnancy. She geared more of her method towards the pelvic floor rehabilitation and created the most beneficial exercises for all ages, injuries, and expecting mothers. After many years of teaching and creating her method on the side, she was ready to trademark the C_Method®.


The results and knowledge she gained throughout her process of writing and creating her method, truly comes through and illustrates her passion for this industry. This method opened doors and created a style of exercise that improved the knowledge about the human body. As it became familiar up the East Coast, her clientele started to grow with doctors, nurses, surgeons and so many postnatal and injury prone clients. Cally opened her doors to C_Wickson Studios and trademarked her book in 2016.  The method is truly known for preventative movements that change the body. She continues to pride herself on her methodical cues, and instructs her clients about body awareness. Cally continues to build and create prerecorded C_Method®Lifestyle fitness videos, offer C_Method®Lifestyle Challenges; (results show within just 5 weeks of her program) run a successful business, and enjoy her life with her husband and their perfect pups, Louie & Mookie.



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