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We are currently in the process of building and launching a new app. Please use the mindbody app to schedule and purchase your classes. Sorry for the inconvenience, we thank you in advance for understanding!

We Make You Want to Work

Check out our schedule below for in-studio and virtual classes, as well as private sessions with our C_Method™ certified team.
Download the mindbody app today to book and buy classes.
All classes require preregistration.

Join The Movement



This ballet inspired Pilates workout is set to high energy music and designed to tone and tighten arms, thighs, abs and glute muscles. To maximize the workout, we use various props. We start on a mat and make our way to the barre for support and extra leg work.



This is our original version of a mat Pilates class. This class works on focusing on your form and abdominal muscle groups. This class is one of the best classes to take 12-14 weeks postpartum because it works on your pelvic floor. You must be open to hands on assistance in order to learn, lengthen, and strengthen those hard to reach areas.



Our only group exercise class where we incorporate heavier weights. This class focuses on upper body and lower body using 10lb weights and band work for added tension. Indoor sneakers recommended.



Targeted class that will tone your arms, strengthen your core, and target those hard to reach areas around your lower belly. This class is not suitable if you are expecting.



The most challenging class we offer... be prepared to sweat through a full body workout set to upbeat music. It fuses strength and cardio for the ultimate workout experience. Indoor sneakers are recommended. 



This Pilates inspired mat class will target arms, abs, and glutes. If you're just starting out at our studio, this one is a must. Join us in toning and burning those hard to reach areas.



This class is set to 90 degrees and has familiar choreography to our triple threat class.  Be prepared to work and improve your flexibility, form, core, and so much more.

We will welcome this class back once we see less of a spike in covid19 cases.




C_Method® takes stretch to another level. We will incorporate positions that stretch your body while building the correct muscles to support and create long, lean lines.

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