Preventative Movement for Optimal Health

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Where Cally's passion,

becomes your obsession.

what's included?

You will receive unlimited access to over 100+ prerecorded C_Method®Lifestyle Fitness Videos.

We launch new content on the 1st of every month.

how to stream?

Videos can be streamed through any device. To gain access be sure to purchase a membership and subscribe to our page.

what props?

  • 9" pilates ball

  • 2 lb weights

  • resistance band

  • 2 yoga blocks

  • monthly or yearly subscription.


Looking for more info...



Curious about our method? Each day we will focus on a new muscle group, area of your body, and teach you how to target that specific muscle. This channel is created to teach you more about your own body, figure out what muscles are not firing up and what areas are over-acting. Dial in on your form and learn to be kind to your body. This channel is a separate purchase from our monthly and annual video channels. You can begin this channel at any time, the day you purchase this program is the day it starts.


I've created a specific channel with some basic videos that will teach, guide and keep you on track. This channel is included in the annual and monthly package pricing. Join for just $20/month or pay for the full year for just $200.00. This will give you access to three total channels and over 100+ prerecorded videos. I also like to offer/remind C_Method®Lifestyle subscribers about our LIVE opportunities. Our studio space is located in Windham, NH and we stream live videos daily. Most clients will incorporate a live once or twice a week to reap the benefits of an instructor correcting and modifying their form.

5 Week C_Method®Lifestyle 


Our most popular program. This five week challenge includes a C_Method®Lifestyle coach, grocery list and meal plan for each week, your own C_Method®Lifestyle Recipe book with over 60+ yummy recipes, a fitness channel and some passes to C_Wickson Studios VIRTUAL sessions plus access to our private Facebook group. In short our program requires you to complete 4 C_Method®Lifestyle fitness virtual sessions each week, limited dairy and a gluten-free menu. 


We are based in Windham, NH which is located just 30 minutes North of Boston, Mass. We understand that these are trying times and we're excited to offer multiple options for your mental and physical needs. Through this site you will find access to multiple prerecorded options. Check out our pricing options, jump into a two week challenge to try out our method and if you're local, head on over to our home base site to visit us for an in person class. More questions? Feel free to contact Cally to learn more. 


The results and knowledge she gained throughout her process of writing and creating her method, truly comes through and illustrates her passion for this industry. This method opened doors and created a style of exercise that improved the knowledge about the human body. As it became familiar up the East Coast, her clientele started to grow with doctors, nurses, surgeons and so many postnatal and injury prone clients. Cally opened her doors to C_Wickson Studios and trademarked her book in 2016.  The method is known for preventative movements that change the body. She continues to film virtual fitness videos offering her method to others outside of her studio space.  Stay tuned for the New Year 2021 Lifestyle Challenge pricing and new options!

CALLY WICKSON created the C_Method® to improve knowledge about the human body.

Her method is truly known for preventative movements that change the body. She prides herself on her methodical cues, and instructs her students about body awareness. ​​Find yourself into week two, craving these workouts.
Cally is excited to work with you and guide you through this C_Method® Lifestyle journey.