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We offer seasonal health challenges to jumpstart and guide you on your fitness journey.

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Sign-up for an experience like no-other. You receive a personal coach to keep you accountable, a suggested meal plan and a community to keep you motivated.  Stay Tuned for information on our next 5-week challenge.

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We push you out of your comfort zone, from the comfort of your own home, . Our mindful movements keep you on track and excited to workout.

Yes, working out is fun— we promise.

14-Day Virtual Challenge Launching July 5th.  Contact us for more information.

14-Day Virtual Challenge Preview:

Challenge Member Testimonial

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Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Take it up on a notch and include our C_Method®LIFESTYLE Challenge with these videos.

"My whole life I struggled with my weight. I would drop 10 pounds . Then gain 20lbs and it was a viscous cycle. Fast forward to this summer, I was at the heaviest I have ever been. I was so embarrassed of myself and even started to pull away from social outings. Cally personally reached out to me and told me to come to the information night about the challenge. Truth be told I didn’t want to go and have HER see my weight and measurements. Well I sat in that room that night and got emotional. Tears fell down my face and I thought “ what is wrong with me ?”. I went home and decided I’m starting the fasting tomorrow. I’m not going to lie it was hard!! I was moody, irritable , hungry and plain mean for the first 2 weeks. Then I started seeing the scale move and I felt better. 

Fast forward to September when 70 women committed to this challenge. Our coaches were assigned, measurements were taken and we were all ready. I changed my habits of eating and even slowly started taken gluten and dairy out (sometimes ). Every week I committed to my classes and I started to see changes in my body. I felt more confident and started chatting with other challenge participants too. It was a community we were all in this together. 

When the challenge ended I lost 20 pounds, a total of 18.5inches, and let my walls down. I thought this change would just be physical changes  but it wasn’t just that. It was such a personal growth for me. I met some amazing women , we all bonded over this challenge. I had this hard shell and I let it down and talked, laughed and even cried with one each other. 

My personal goal is to lose 40-45 pounds. Cally( my coach ) said she’s on the ride with me . She sure is . She accepted me with open arms the day I walked into her studio years ago. She was always ready to answer questions,  help with food or even vent about my struggles. I will forever be grateful for her and this studio. This 100 percent has changed my life. She has equipped me with the tools to succeed and always be able to maintain when I hit my goal. Without hesitation if you are looking to make a change. DO IT!! The community is here to support you."    - Respecting clients privacy through this journey.