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It's great to see you again!

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You know the deal

We wanted to create options for you. We know you've had great success with our program, and we want to make sure that you are receiving the support, products and material you need to continue your C_Method®Lifestyle journey.  Because of your success, this program has opened doors to so many other members.



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There becomes a moment in time where a business becomes bigger than itself. This program has evolved and the amount of hard work and time that I, my team and my business have put into this challenge, goes beyond words. I've decided to expose the value of each piece of the puzzle. I understand that you are repeating this challenge, and I respect you for having second thoughts about it. I thank you in advance for understanding that this is a business and that you have taken part in something that has become one of the most successful programs out on the market today.

Cally, Founder & Creator of the C_Method®Lifestyle


  • C_Method®Lifestyle Coach & Weekly Check-In (value $30/week)

  • Digital, PDF Copy of the C_Method®Lifestyle Recipe Book

  • Weekly Meal Plan & Organized Weekly Grocery List (value $25/week)

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group 


  • 15 Pre-recorded C_Method®Lifestyle Fitness Videos (value $150.00 $10/class)

  • 5 Live Zoom Passes to C_Wickson Studios (value $110.00 $22/class)

$150.00 Fitness Package

You will be required to complete 4 C_Method®Lifestyle workouts each week. Cally has created a challenge channel that is filled with your 15 NEW PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS and 5 passes to C_Wickson Studios (live or in-studio) This package is optional. If you are currently a member of the studio and hold enough passes (20) to complete the challenge, you're all set! If you're currently a virtual member ($20/month or $200/year) you may use those videos to complete this challenge. We do recommend taking advantage of this package because it will not be available with any current service that you currently have right now.

A la carte options are available for returning challenge members only. We wanted to give you the flexibility to pick and choose what you need or want in order to participate  in the 2021 challenge.Take a look at some of the topics below, remember and think about what you have or want to get out of this challenge.

To purchase additional classes, a hard copy of the C_Method®Lifestyle Recipe Book and C_Wickson apparel, click here.

Repeat topics...

Do I need to purchase everything listed above?

No, you have the flexibility to pick and choose what you need to achieve your new goals for 2021.

How long is the challenge?  

Five Weeks

When does the challenge begin?

March 1, 2021

Do I need to buy classes and the channel?

No, if you have 20 passes available to C_Wickson Studios, you do not need to buy the channel or more classes. 


I already pay $20/month or paid $200/year for a subscription.

You may absolutely use that subscription for the four classes that are needed each week during the challenge. 

Is it a new cookbook?

It is the same recipe book that we launched from our most recent five-week challenge (10/19/2020).

Are the meal plans & grocery lists the same?

No, we have created all new meal plans for each week. Mary has researched ways to combine food categories that will help us all achieve optimal health, and help our bodies naturally remove toxins.  

Can I use the meal plan, grocery lists and recipes from 2020?

Sure! We have added new content that will be available for purchase for $30/week. You understand the program, you understand intermittent fasting, gluten free and limited dairy... always remember where you started, think if you really need the added pieces to the program. Are you struggling with the food still? Maybe you just need a fresh start for 2021 and that is what we are offering to you.

Why do we need to be included in the Facebook Group?Social media may sound cliche', and some might not have access, but we highly recommend creating an account, so you get the most out of the challenge. The Facebook Group is a meeting place to share any and all with your current teammates; the coaches post daily, we add pop-up challenges, clients share food pictures and questions, and so much more! Most clients in the past have said that the Facebook Group was their biggest help throughout the five weeks.  If this means using a fake name, that is fine. 

Do I have to follow the meal plan?

If your goal is to get the most out of this challenge, and your investment, we truly advise following the meal plan.  We've created these recipes and a balanced meal plan for you while considering food combinations and the suggested amount of each food category you should eat throughout the day.  If you're a little picky picky and don't like certain foods, it is OKAY to substitute some items, just make sure you are swapping foods within the same food category.  For example: swapping out a protein for another protein, or one veggie for another, does not mean you've failed. We encourage our clients to make these decisions on their own throughout the challenge.  This is part of making the lifestyle work for you.

Can I do other workouts instead? My schedule is awful...

We know some of you have other options out there but you've invested and reached out for a reason. If you want to get the full experience, we recommend pausing any outside movement during the five-week challenge, mostly because we want to make sure you're taking care of your body and not overusing certain muscles. We created the channel in hopes you felt less pressure to get in your weekly workouts at a specific time. This channel can be used at any time throughout the challenge, we ask that you join us once a week for a live workout, that is included in your package. We offer LIVE zooms daily, even weekends.

I've joined the challenge before, what exactly is it going to cost to join?

Minimum payment of $150.00. This entry fee includes your coach, weekly check-ins and access to the private Facebook Group. Think about why you want to re-join, think about what support you need or want this time around. We get it, it's fun to be a part of something and that is why we decided to offer these options to you! 

I need a coach, weekly check-ins and the new 2021 meal plan & grocery list...

$150 - coach, weekly check-ins & facebook group. 

$125 - weekly meal plan & grocery lists with new content.

Total - $275.00

Listen... the main reason I created this challenge was to open up your eyes to a healthier lifestyle. We're all doing and trying too much. We all put so much pressure on looking a certain way or trying to be something we are not. What if I told you, you never had to count calories again? What if I told you, you could drink alcohol, eat chocolate cake and still feel good? What if you didn't have to log every step and workout for hours to see results? Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to live a realistic lifestyle and learn about your mental and physical needs? Let's do it. What better time than now? With a world filled with so many unknowns, it's the perfect time to focus on your health and wellness. Let's do it together, let us help you, I promise you, you won't regret it. We've worked with over 500 women and the results are absolutely amazing. Check out our testimonials and some before and afters below...

Xo - Head Coach 

Challenge Pricing


"C_Method is an entire lifestyle. The workouts are efficient, never boring and you get results. You can take classes in studio, virtual with live zoom classes, or the pre-recorded videos. They have classes for every stage of your workout routine. The support you receive from Cally and her team is amazing. They are all super helpful with a wide range of knowledge you can add private classes with each coach to enhance your experience and what you may need help with. The Challenge helped me change my eating habits without feeling like I was denying myself. The healthy recipes are easy to follow and delicious. A wonderful positive studio with a great support system! "


"I started my journey over a year ago with Cally and her team. I was going to classes prior for about 2 years before this . When Cally rolled out her lifestyle I wanted NOTHING to do with it . But , deep down I knew I needed to make changes in my life . I took the first challenge and wow !!! LIFE changing!!! I dropped 20lbs and about 18 inches . Cally supported me in so many ways . We discussed my goals , struggles and even the changes to see in my body . She truly listened and always respected my privacy . I have completed 4 challenges when this one wraps up . However , I live  this lifestyle . I know more about my body than I ever had . I know what types of foods will bother me , what food my body craves and why . This brings me to the shopping list and recipes . This helped me more than anything. I’ve also been fasting for way over a year . This is such a big part of the changes I have seen in my body and mind . I can’t even believe how strong my mind is!
I couldn’t have done this without the support of my other coach Jenna . About half way through my second challenge. Cally suggested I take a few privates with Jenna . I say it a lot but wow taking privates will change your class workouts. You will know more about your body and how to isolate those tiny muscles you thought you didn’t have . Jenna knew where my level was . She pushed me harder than I’ve ever been pushed . She yelled , laughed but always told me she was proud of the work I put in. I needed this support In the studio . I am very lucky to have support at home but , I need this piece . I slowly started chatting with other challenges members . We would chat about classes , newest gear and even pick up items that another couldn’t find. This year has been one hell of a year let me tell you! I believe that if I didn’t have these challenges and support . I’m not sure what would have happened. I’m at the end of my weight loss journey. I am proud to say I’ve dropped 65lbs , well over 30 inches and a brand new perspective on life . If you stick to it , you will see results . Use all the resources!!! Talk to one another! Don’t let your own insecurities get in the way of an amazing opportunity!"


"As someone who sat at home and watched other women put their health first while I was afraid to, I finally took the first step and signed up for the Fall Challenge and I am SO grateful that I did. It gave me the foundation to know how to fuel my body with healthier foods that are also delicious. The phrases Gluten Free and Dairy Free can be intimidating, but I thought the recipes were tasty and incorporated comfort foods in new ways. It is definitely a lifestyle that can be maintained and followed daily. I feel great, less bloated and I am sleeping much better. Plus, my skin has looked clearer than it has in a long time! 
Having access to videos online to be able to incorporate into a busy schedule has been amazing! If I know I'm going to have a late work day, I can exercise to a video in the morning to jump start my day, or do a video after work to destress after a busy day. The videos are challenging, but there are always modifications provided if needed and even though I am not there live I can feel the encouragement and motivation through the computer screen I'm watching on. I am signed up for the recorded classes and plan on continuing to work out to the many videos provided each month. Having access and freedom to do them at home during this time gives me no excuses. 
Overall, it has been such an amazing experience working with you and being a part of the community. The Facebook group has been a great resource and people sharing ideas and different alternatives has been super helpful. There has been constant communication from Cally and the coaches and emails every week to keep us in check and motivated. I'm already looking forward to the next challenge and hope that I can do it again!"


"I just completed the 5 Week Fall Challenge and I must say, I have never looked or felt as good as I do now. After 12 years of constant traditional strength training exercises 5-6 days a week, my body and mind needed a break. Various muscles were sore or strained almost every day and I didn't see the results I was looking for. Now that I have completed the challenge, I have a new outlook on my personal exercise goals, and my fitness lifestyle. 
The classes and movements were very challenging. As a guy who has only lifted weights, my flexibility and endurance was constantly tested. After about 2 weeks in, I started to get the hang of it and I started to enjoy the exercises more than going to the gym. 
Adding in the meal plan and change of diet, I feel less bloated, my skin has a "glow" and my digestion issues have almost gone away. The recipes and meal plan are easy to follow and delicious as well. I lost 13 pounds and have never been this lean in my life!
One of the big reasons I was able to fully immerse myself into the challenge was the positivity of the instructors and fellow challengers. I always felt supported and encouraged, no matter how hard parts of the challenge were. I would recommend this challenge to anyone of any age or fitness lifestyle that is looking to push themselves and step outside their comfort zone. I plan on continuing classes at C_Wickson Studios and enjoying my new healthy lifestyle."


"This Lifestyle challenge was one of the best things I could have committed to do at this moment of time. I wasn’t sure when it began how it would go.... with the day to day changes of everyday life in this pandemic ( I really thought it wouldn’t be this long) Having something positive to distract me from the sometimes sad depressing US, world and local news was so great. 
So many positive things to be acknowledged it’s amazing that these 5 weeks are almost over. A few personal take always from this experience are 
* Planning meals, trying new foods and cooking Cally’s recipes was something I came to really enjoy.. My husband Vin really got into eating and fasting with me and had a little fun doing it together. as well as what 4 workouts I would commit to each week was fun.  Having the organized weekly menu as well as recipes in pdf form was great for us. Vin even could start dinner on his own. 
* Coaching. all the coaches were amazing either in personalized privates, pre recorded, virtual classes, responses to emails, and being so visible and active Facebook communication and encouragement.  I felt like I had a team helping me all the way. 
*Lifestyle challenge members the sharing and support I received was honestly more than I expected and amazingly helpful. 
*Cally! What can I say.... Just the best.   It is obvious she is passionate about helping everyone.  Her communication skills enabled myself and I’m sure many others to know exactly what was happening. Sunday night emails, pre planned menus with shopping done with Mary W, along with frequent FB messages all allowed me to feel safe enough to learn to make changes be my best self. 
* This was a great learning and growth experience that is becoming my new Lifestyle.  I look forward to this type of program as a permanent part of my life."


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