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“  Where do I even begin??? I mean to say I love you is an understatement and I don’t even know that I can put into words how much clarity and freedom you have given me…. Mentally and physically! I mean I feel good in my clothes again I don’t have extra bloat or water weight. Its amazing! And… doing this all without killing myself with tons of cardio living by counting calories or burning a certain amount of calories is so freeing!! I have learned that I can eat things besides chicken and veggies and eat things that I love and not hate myself the next day! You have helped me break though one of my toughest barriers….. myself and being a prisoner to the gym and food!! I also learned that I can fast and not be hungry! 
Thank you for believing in me —it was scary AF to embrace this new way of working out and eating back in July—I wasn’t convinced but as my body started changing and I was feeling good I knew this could be it something for me….after the 11 week challenge I ABSOLUTELY KNEW  it was it! I still enjoy lifting weights once a week and hitting my pelaton however its you and  the ladies that teach at your sacred space, your inspiration and your method and ways that got me “unstuck” I still can’t believe my progress measurements since the beginning! 
I can’t wait to see what's to come in the 2020 challenge 
Much love and inches lost."     - Melissa H.

“I hadn’t had fun working out in a long while. I have never in 33 years found a studio or gym where I felt 100% comfortable (not intimidated or like I had to look perfect, etc.) until I started working out at C Wickson Studios. I needed this challenge, for so many reasons! I’m a busy mom to three little kids and I’m constantly needed by others. I’m constantly serving others. But when I step into your studio and drop my kiddos off in the beautiful, clean, FUN babysitting room, with the amazing staff of women in there, then go into my class, I know it’s time to focus on me. My health, my energy levels, my whole self. From the upbeat energy of the women around me and the clear cues from the (beyond!) fabulous instructors, to the AMAZING music (always!) and the perfect lighting and ambiance—I know I’m going to not only get a hardcore workout that feels great, but I’m going to get an experience, an experience that truly helps my mind, body, and soul. We all need something that fills our cups and C Wickson studios is mine. I lost weight and inches, which is super exciting (!), but I think the best thing I lost through this challenge is the intimidation of changing my lifestyle from “bleh” to healthy and intentional just like you guys taught me."     -Colleen T.

"I don’t even know where to start. This challenge was a GAME-CHANGER! I finally was able to stop counting calories and logging each morsel of food. That was life-changing! I feel stronger, more energetic, and clear headed. My core is improving every week. The classes, community and instructors make it exciting to work out. 
I even have little baby abs now, that's pretty exciting to me, especially after three babies
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this opportunity! I truly believe that everyone should try this challenge! "    

- Meg. O


"The challenge completely changed me. For a very long time I lost my way in regards to self care, my mental and physical health suffered. I gained weight, struggled with anxiety and honestly at times could not stand what I saw in the mirror. 

To make matters worse, I felt like a hypocrite, every day, working with my patients, advising them on how to be healthier and manage their conditions, all while I myself could not manage to follow my own advice. This all wore on me and finally one day I was just over it. I was over feeling unhealthy, shameful, unworthy, anxious, avoiding the mirror, pictures and just not being my best self.  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate in the challenge and I just jumped in. It was now or never. I listened to our instructors, did my very best to commit to showing up and put in the work. 

The results were incredible, I toned up, lost inches and weight. Now closer to my goal weight that I ever thought I’d be but most importantly, I found the person that had been missing all these years. I KNOW I am worthy, working to be the best version of myself and the possibilities are endless. 

This challenge was life changing for me honestly and I owe it all to Cally, Jenna and the team and the amazing women who embarked on this journey together."     -Mal H.

"The Lifestyle Challenge has been best decision I have made for ME!
As a busy mom of three, I pour every bit of me into my family. This had left me exhausted mentally and physically.  I had let myself go and used my family as an excuse. Wanting a change I had mentioned to a friend that I wanted to do something about it.  She told me about C_Wickson Studio and that there was a Lifestyle Challenge starting soon.  I was scared I hadn’t been to a gym in a few years but she told me how much she loves the studio. I thought what if I take this time for me and give my mind and body was it needs, what did I have to lose?  

Cally’s plan was easy to understand.  She gave me all the information I needed to purge my refrigerator and cabinets and what to replace it with. Cally’s recipe book had easy to make delicious meals. I’ve enjoyed cooking and learning the new recipes. I went to 3 classes a week and did videos anytime I had a chance. The C_Method classes have started toning my body with out heavy weight lifting. I feel stronger after every class. The instructors help with form and keep you motivated the entire class. The whole challenge I had so much support not only from Cally and her team but so many other women doing the challenge. We became a team of women holding each other up and cheering each other on. 

I realize early on during the Challenge that changes were happening. I wasn’t so tired. I had more energy with my children.  I didn’t feel so bloated. I looked forward to working out. I had given my body what it needed and it gave me results!!! I lost 14 lbs in 11 weeks and inches all over my body. Thanks to Cally, her team the and Lifestyle Challenge."      -Lisa Q.

"I went into the challenge not knowing what to expect.  I heard about the intermittent fasting and immediately thought "this isn't for me".  I work full time in a non-stop job, doing 11 hour days and I only have 30 minutes from 2-2:30 to go to the bathroom, prep food, and eat on my work days and I do dinner with my husband when I get home around 9pm.  How could I possibly wait until my 2pm lunch break to eat?  And, I have two young kids and a husband that I knew would not be on board with gluten free and dairy free options.  I had a lot of reasons not to do the challenge.  But, despite going to class regularly (working out isn't my problem- I love C_Wickson Studios and would be there every day if I could), I felt tired all the time, depressed, and my skin was breaking out terribly.  I knew it was time for a change.  

Cally's shopping lists were my biggest help.  They gave me a spring board to create healthier meals for my family. Intermittent fasting was difficult at first, but it helped me realize how addicted to sugar I was and how much I was snacking throughout the day to "cope" with stress (not a healthy or effective way to relax).  After cutting sugar, I had serious sugar withdrawals that lasted about 2 months.  However,  eliminating my daily chocolate and candy fix cleared up my skin, gave me more energy, and helped me feel leaner.  I didn't go gluten or dairy free (primarily because no one in my family has any sensitivities), but I did cut almost all sugar for most of the challenge and went "gluten-lite".  

I got under 130 pounds, which I didn't even set out to do, and lost inches.  I haven't seen this weight since I was pregnant with my now 8 year old, and honestly, didn't think I ever would see below 130 on the scale ever again.  And once I got over the sugar cravings, it was easy and felt very natural.  I could blend the intermittent fasting into my life seamlessly and I plan on sticking with it.  My husband and I started taking walks in the woods once or twice a week and doing family mountain bike rides on my off weekends.  

My life is undoubtedly better because of this lifestyle challenge.  It acted a catalyst to improve all areas of my life, not just my physical well being.  Thank you Cally, and my coach, Jenna, for helping make this challenge a reality.  I feel good, for the first time in a long time, and that is everything."     - Alicia H.

"When I started this challenge I did it to lose weight and tone.  I must admit I wasn’t a fan of the food part but took the challenge to eat healthier. 
What I’ve learned the past 11 week is that healthy foods and food options can taste good.  I now look at every label when I shop and continue to buy healthier options of the foods I normally eat. 
The best part of the challenge though  is how good.... no, amazing, I feel. I haven’t felt this good physically in 7+ years.   I had knee issues due to arthritis that limited my activities for a long time. I never realized how limited I was until I had my surgery and started recovery.  
Cally and her staff were instrumental in helping me get back in shape, but this challenge pushed me harder..... I took a fusion class every week to push myself and I took stretch privates with Jenna. 
My range of motion is better today than it was in September when we started and I thought I felt good then.   I can make multiple trips up and down the stairs carrying multiple bags of groceries into the house without pain and being out of breath. 
I can’t thank you all enough for what your studio has done for me both physically and mentally. 
Thanks you Cally for being you... a kind, caring friend who truly cares about her clients."       -Joan T.


"Like so many I struggled with my weight, my energy level, and self-confidence in my body size and shape. I’m a military wife to my amazing husband, with two beautiful children and I work a full time job in the medical field.  It’s easy to be too busy and make excuses so I needed motivation, a kick in the ass, with guidance and support. I got that and so much more from this lifestyle challenge! It starts with Cally, her knowledge and love for the women she coaches which all trickles down into her entire studio- the environment, her staff and clients. The support and camaraderie within the challenge members was so contagious and up lifting. I was scared at first, not for the exercise portion of the challenge (I love my studio classes) but for the changes in my eating habits- no gluten or dairy (what was I going to eat) and for the fasting hours! I was also nervous about grocery shopping for the first time, where would I find so many new items in the store. With guidance from the grocery shopping list and some patience in the store I found them and I let the 11 weeks begin. It was hard, but so worth it and rewarding. At first, fasting was difficult, but as more days passed the easier I found it to wait to break my fast. I have explored so many healthier food choices that I never would have looked at before this challenge, it truly has opened my eyes! The friendships I have gained from this challenge has to be one of the best parts, positivity and support is so contagious and rewarding. After a few weeks I noticed changes in myself during classes, I was finally able to hold a full plank series!! This small step was a big goal of mine because my self-conscious area is my stomach and my dreaded c-section pouch.  I knew it would never look the same as it did before my children, both born via c-section, but I am so happy to see the beginning of some abdominal tone and definition. I don’t have the constant feeling of bloat, I have so much more energy, and I am physically and mentally feeling more myself again! In the past 11 weeks I’ve lost 14lbs and 3 inches in my waist, allowing myself to “cheat” every now and then because it’s a lifestyle, I had to be realistic or I wouldn’t stick with it and I feel great! And I get to go shopping for new clothes because they are too big now!!! This lifestyle challenge has truly been life changing for me and I plan to continue on with it. THANK YOU Cally for creating this challenge and pushing me during classes and THANK YOU to my coach Jenna for all your love, support, and motivation! It’s hard to put into words how this has truly affected me but I am so grateful for this experience and can’t wait to see my results from the next challenge!"       - Nakita C.

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