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program FAQ

How do I sign up?

Visit our virtual program pricing page CLICK HERE to purchase today.

Trying to figure out which program is best for you? Check out the programs in detail listed below.

When does the program start?

YOU pick! You have full control over when you start the program you purchase. On the start date you pick, you can begin your program.  You will have access to the videos, meal guides, recipes and grocery lists for the length of time specified in your program.  When the length of your program has expired, you will no longer have access to the videos. The meal plans, grocery lists and recipes are yours to keep, we just ask that you not duplicate or share them with others.

I NEED a coach.

We understand how challenging it can be to complete a program on your own, and we recognize that some may want to have someone by their side to provide accountability, nutrition guidance, support, etc.  Our team is excited to support you through this program, whether it be accountability coaching, 1:1 health coaching, weekly check-ins, or something else.  If you are interested, we will create a coach package that works for you.  Click Here to inquire about a coach today.

How much do the programs cost?

It depends on the program.  Each program has a different value, but they all include videos, meal plans, grocery lists and recipes. 

We have done the work for you and provided you with the order in which you should complete your workouts, along with daily meal ideas and recipes.  The goal is for you to feel taken care of through this process. Note above, if you want additional guidance or support, we are more than willing to assign you a coach.

Will I see results?

We love this question!

You will get out of it, what you put into it.  So, the answer to this question is, "It's up to you!"  We will let you in on a secret.  Clients who have participated in one of our programs and completed the videos/workouts and stuck to the meal guide have 100% seen weight loss, inches drop, energy increase, bloat diminish and skin clear up.  

What props do I need?

Limited props are needed and all can be purchased through amazon. 

Cally also will let you know what you can use around your house, in place of props. 

Example : pilates ball,  you can use pillows!

If you're eager to get set up, check out the list below.

These are some of my favorite and all very affordable!

Pilates Ball


Yoga Blocks

Resistance Band




Our most intensive program offered. This channel includes 23 videos that need to be completed in 14-days.

Each day we focus on a new muscle group and area of your body, and we teach you how to target that specific muscle. This program will teach you more about your own body, help you figure out what muscles are not firing up and what areas are over-acting. Dial in on your form and learn to be kind to your body. You can begin this program at any time, and you will feel better in only 14 days!


The 5-Week program includes three videos per week that focus on your whole body.

This is one of the most beneficial programs for those who have a busy schedule. 

Without having to move your body every single day, you will absolutely still see amazing results with these full body workouts.


Calling all mamas!

I filmed these videos during my fourth trimester and am so excited to offer it to you!

Most frequently asked question is, "How postpartum can I be?"  I don't care if your child is 20+ years old, you will absolutely benefit from this program. This program includes four full-body videos per week, and each video ranges from 30-45 minutes.  Through this program, you will gain back abdominal strength and learn a little bit more about your body and what it needs to feel strong and successful.  


CALLY WICKSON created the C_Method® to help clients improve knowledge about their body. Her method is known for preventative movements that change the body. She prides herself on her methodical cues, and she instructs her students about body awareness. The results and knowledge she gained throughout her process of writing and creating her method illustrates her passion for this industry. This method opened doors and created a style of exercise that improves knowledge about the human body. As the method became recognized throughout the East Coast, she saw more doctors, nurses, surgeons, postnatal women and injury-prone/injury-recovering prone clients.


In 2016, Cally opened the doors to her C_Wickson Studios in Windham. NH and trademarked her C_Method™.  Then in Winter 2019, Cally started offering her Method through an on-demand platform, and she currently reaches clients nationwide. After completing multiple successful in-studio challenges and programs, she decided that she needed to make this option available to those who are not able to come in-studio. 

In 2022 she partnered with Mary Wegmann, an IIN Integrative Health Coach.

Together, Cally & Mary created an on-line database that includes virtual programs for clients to complete on their own, with the option to access a coach with their package.  These programs consist of daily/weekly fitness videos, meal guides, grocery lists and recipes that are straight out of Cally Weymouth's recipe book. 

We ask for your patience as we continue to upgrade and rebrand for 2023.

Thank you for your business.

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